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Fishing Joy a new gambling DAC on the EOS blockchain

I know EOSIO is full of gambling dApps and many have copied the first DICE game that EOSBET first introduced on the EOSIO blockchain. But here is a new game that has similar probabilities to the DICE rolling games but with a new twist:

You need to Kill Fish to get rewarded! Game play:

This is a game of chance just like rolling dice but I find it way more fun to play. Warning! It can be addictive and can eat up your CPU fast! You login with your Scatter account and it will take a few seconds to load the game. You get a bird’s eye view of the many types of sea creatures:

Each of the 12 types of sea creatures has a certain probability of killing it. For example, the little yellow fish has a 95% chance you will kill it, in contrast, the blue hammerhead shark has only a 1.96% chance of killing it. Based on the probability of killing the fish the payout is also matched. So if you kill the little yellow fish you get 1.03 X your bet, while if you kill the shark you get 50 X your bet. To start, you choose how much to bet by raising (+) or lowering (-) the size of your cannon. Right now bets are limited to 0.1 to 0.7 EOS but the developers have said this will change in the future as they grow their bankroll. Once the bet is set you can click on the fish you want to kill. If you miss, it is ok as it doesn’t count and you can shoot again. If you hit a fish it will get stunned and you will confirm with Scatter that this fish you want. If you are lucky and kill the creature you will get the payout multiplier. If you do not kill the fish you will lose your bet. For the species of fish that you do not kill it will add bonus FISH tokens to that type of creature and then the next person who kills that creature will get their bet multiplier plus the bonus FISH tokens associated with it. For example, if you killed the turtle from the screenshot above you would get 25X your bet plus a bonus of 52.5 FISH tokens.

If you hit a fish that is not what you want y...

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