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EOS vs ETH DAPP Stats November 2018

November 1st has come and went which means part 3 of the EOS vs ETH DAPP stats comparison. Part 1 from September can be found at https://trybe.one/eos-dapps-vs-eth-dapps-september-2018/ and part 2 from October can be found at https://trybe.one/eos-vs-eth-dapp-stats-october-2018/.

In this article and video below, we look at the DAPP stats for both EOS and ETH and compare them to the stats of the previous 2 months.

EOS 3 Month Quick Comparison

Below is stats taken on the first of the month the last 3 months giving a quick view of EOS growth.

EOS DAPPs on DappRadar Sept 1: 24 dapps Oct 1: 75 dapps Nov 1: 125 dapps EOS DAPPs Over 10,000 24hr Transactions Sept 1: 5 dapps Oct 1: 7 in Oct vid/ 6 in screenshot Nov 1: 19 dapps EOS DAPPs Over 1000 24hr Users Sept 1: 2 dapps Oct 1: 3 dapps Nov 1: 10 dapps EOS DAPPs November 2018

EOS has seen big growth from October 1st to November 1st.  November 1st had 13 DAPPs over 20,000 Tx 24hr whereas we saw 4 DAPPs over 20,000 Tx 24hr on October 1st.  Of the DAPPs over 20,000 Tx, this month brought double the amount of DAPPs with over 1,000 24hr users going from 3 in October to 6 in November.

ETH DAPPs November 2018

ETH had less of a hit this month compard to the previous month over month comparison.  The top 3 ETH DAPPs sorted by Tx 24hr remained the same from October.  IDEX and dice2win both saw increases in 24hr users and transactions but CryptoKitties had a slight decrease in both categories.

ETH Flat, EOS Ramping Up

With ETH seeing gains and losses to its top DAPPs from October to November it seems the down turn witnessed in the last month over month comparison has stopped, at least for now.  EOS on the other hand has ramped up significantly compared to the last month over month comparison.  It will be interesting to see if the ramp up in EOS can continue with even bigger numbers next month.

September 2018 EOS vs ETH DAPP Comparison

October 2018 EOS v...

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