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EOS Mega Update 16 - Chintai v2.0 & REX, Gangster Arena, Scatter Exchange IN Wallet, Block.one CEO Brendan Blumer interacts with community, Voters, Audit, EOSIO *offline* transactions, USD value of Telos, Worbli and EOSForce. What is EOSForce?

Topics & Time-stamps:⚫ (0:28-) Cost to 51% attack various cryptos. Notice EOS (nor any PoS platform) is not listed. https://www.crypto51.app/ETC was 51% attacked recently. EOS (and all PoS & DPOS coins) cannot be 51% attacked in this manner as it does not use proof of work.⚫ (2:14-) Chintai v2.0 major improvements.https://medium.com/@ChintaiEOS/chinta...-Passive Income-Chintai Blockchain interoperability between all EOSIO chains (EOS, Telos, Worbli, Everipedia)⚫ (6:54-) Gangster Arena on EOS.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pxkei... (see their website and more info on company) https://itam.games/⚫ (7:59-) Scatter to launch exchange inside of their wallet. https://twitter.com/ramijames/status/...⚫ (9:42-) Brendan Blumer (block.one CEO) responds about rewarding voters & audit.https://twitter.com/ColinTCrypto/stat...https://t.co/PGIcq1UByihttps://twitter.com/ColinTCrypto/stat...⚫ (16:05-) Mike Maloney has been buying EOS.https://youtu.be/VaV86VWSW7Q?t=310Mike was subscriber #22 to Colin Talks Crypto in June of 2018!⚫ (17:55-) Share my Telos BP tracker. shout out Kevin Quaintence from TelosGlobal Block Producer for supplying the data source.http://BlockProducers.info/telos⚫ (18:18-) Updated my offline EOSIO active key changer to work with Telos. You can then link your ledger nano s t...

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