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EOS Knights - Game Depth and Incentive Features

I will not waste time on any introduction as this post is already long as it is. To sum it up, I think this game is missing depth and sustainable long term tokenomics and player incentive models, so I’m presenting my suggestions below.

1 – Level 6 items

I assume the purpose of giving level 6 items only a 30% chance of success was partially due to fight material inflation, which it does in the short term. Eventually inflation will catch up as once players have their level 6 items they will no longer buy up from the market.

The 30% success rate is also very bad for the vast majority of the players as they will not gamble with 20+ EOS to have a 30% chance of upgrading their level 5 “Battle axe against Death” which they spent months to farm, so instead its much more appealing to sell the Bloodium and Skull for 1+ EOS each on the market. The following suggestions I believe will be much better system.

Give upgrading from level 5 to 6 a 100% success rate, but with a catch. I have 2 suggestions for this.

#1 – Randomize the added % stats from 1-80% each upgrade attempt. Once you have a level 6 item with the randomized added %, players have the opportunity to “re-roll” by synthesizing new 16 items. If first attempt gives you +45% and your next re-roll gives less than 45% then it will keep the higher% rather than downgrading it.

#2 – In case your upgrade attempt don’t trigger the 30% chance for full upgrade then give a fixed bonus of +20% to the weapon. Player will then again have a chance to re-roll by synthesizing new 16 items to try again for 30% chance of full upgrade.

As mention very few players are even trying to upgrade to 6 because its too expensive and the reward is very low in comparison. If you give players a safe-net you will see many more players try for level 6 and fight item inflation because an attempt to upgrade from level 5 to level 6 will always give you a benefit at least 1st attempt. Hardcore players will...

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