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EOS: Invest like rich

Before you read this article, I am going to criticize some Dapps so, if you are not ready for it please close this article now.

EOS is great, I am not arguing with that statement

Yes, EOS is fucking great no doubt. in last 10 months CPU,RAM prices went from expensive to fair, cost of an account is dropped from double digit to barely a Dollar. Just by staking 5 EOS I can easily perform 20–30 transactions daily. It is super cool and great too.

In last 1 year, I learnt a lot, seen enough con artists on crypto world. I believe I am one of there victim, but I learn from these alot… before I share few rules I would like to tell you what events happened in my journey and how I made these rules.

There was this token which promised me it will give me a great blockchain, which is more efficient than EOS, with the upgraded code of EOS. And it was the costliest token on EOS chain that is Black token. You don’t really accept this happened but it is true, it happened in this way only. When the EOS network launched everyone received black token as an airdrop, I felt like this is the biggest airdrop i ever received after seeing the trading price. it even traded higher than 0.08 EOS per token. but suddenly one day like a billion tokens poured into network and price was fallen like an arrow from the sky, it just killed everyone who bought in Market. And I am one of the victim, when I go back to the telegram and asked them what happened, they simply said its one of there investors who bought a bulk of tokens(around a billion) from them and shorted them for no reason, we asked the team, why you didn’t locked those tokens, they simply said it was not part of the deal. All millions of tokens were dumped on us and they made millions and millions of dollars from thin air.

And many other dapps are there and will come in future, but some good dapps already working hard to add value to there tokens.

Rule 1: Never buy a token, which is not having a use ...

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