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EOS DevCon - September announcements

EOS Devcon September 2018 announcements EOS DevCon is the central physical platform for EOSIO Dapps to get in front of Exchanges, Venture Capital and the Dapp community. Learn more here: eosdevcon.io

TAMPA, Florida — Sept 14, 2018 — EOS Devcon September 2018 announcements

EOS DevCon LLC., a privately owned limited liability company in Wyoming, USA, is proud to announce with the community some important updates.

EOS DevCon is the first of its kind, a developer and dapp focused conference which focuses on the EOSIO Developer community. EOS Devcon will be held from Jan 21–24 2019, in Tampa, Florida. For more on EOS DevCon, visit www.eosdevcon.io or join the telegram group https://t.me/EOSDevCon

Super Early Bird pricing is now in effect until Oct 31 2018

Key Updates:

1) We have partnered with BlockSpaces (a local business accelerator and a blockchain hub co-working space) backed by Jeff Vinik, Owner of the NHL team Tampa Bay Lightning), as well as synapse, a group which fosters the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Florida.

2) EOS Tribe and OCI (Object Computing Inc.) have sponsored us and will run the workshop.

3) Ivan Liljeqvist (Ivan on Tech) will serve as the Master of Ceremonies for the conference

4) Meet.One and Investing with a Difference (IWAD) have been added as media partners.

5) CARMEL.io (The First EOS Base Tech Education Platform) will be involved in the workshop planning and curriculum development.

6) Ashe Oro, Luke Stokes, and Raman Bindlish (Investing with a Difference) will co-host a Block Producer Panel called “ConCleos”, which will be a debate and hot seat format tackling the most pressing issues in the EOS BP ecosystem.

7) The following speakers have been added:

a. Phil Mesnier (Object Computing Inc)

b. Nathan Rempel (CTO @ AirDropsDAC /eostoolkit / Genereos)

c. Zhang Changan Daniel (CMO of Chaince.com — A Superior Blockchain Asset Trading Platform Focusing o...

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