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EOS BRIDGE an initiave to improve communication between BP's in the East and West.


Project EOS Bridge Aims to Improve Communication Between Eastern and Western EOS Block Producers


LiquidEOS, an Israel-based EOS block producer with bare metal data centers, aims to develop solutions to improve the cryptocurrency platform’s mainnet efficiency while also helping to make it more secure and scalable. On October 7th, LiquidEOS published a post on Medium in which it noted that “language and cultural barriers continue to act as roadblocks to truly globalized communities.”

The Israeli block producer (BP) also mentioned that eastern and western EOS BPs “remain divided by different languages, business cultures, and preferences or access to various communication platforms.”

"Limited Access To Information"

Per LiquidEOS, EOS BPs located in different areas throughout the world have “limited access to information” regarding the progress others in the EOS ecosystem are making. Specifically, the BPs are not well-informed about what others in their global community are doing in terms of development of decentralized applications (DApps), “technical innovation”, and blockchain infrastructure improvements.

LiquidEOS further noted that it has been “observing these widening perception gaps and is committed to helping bridge this divide in order to help create a more informed and unified global EOS community.”

To improve communication between eastern and western EOS BPs, LiquidEOS has announced the launch of Project EOS Bridge - which intends to work collaboratively with EOS BPs and the crypto platform’s community members in order to “gather relevant information about recent developments in local communities.”

LiquidEOS also plans to share the information it obtains from EOS com...

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