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Comparing Telos, the EOSIO software code fork to it’s sister chain, EOS; Part 3.

In the final part of this series, we will be looking at the differences and similarities with the technology applied in both Telos and EOS networks. We have looked at the comparisons in the dApp developer feature in the first part of the series. Next, we looked at comparisons in governance in the second part of the series.

This part of the series goes into the technology powering both chains. It will also directly touch on the benefit for Telos. Now the reason is because EOS mainnet has launched so everyone has seen some of the limitations with the technology implementation. Telos will be launching soon and has taken some of the experiences from EOS to include these extra technological implementations at launch.

Now there is no guarantee that it will work exactly the way the guys that worked on the technology have envisioned it, but at least it gets the ball rolling. Since there is a lot of flexibilty on the Telos chain, changes can be implemented pretty quickly to fix anything that will negatively impact the network.

I do not want to forget to give credit to Douglas Horn, the architect and author of the Telos whitepaper, and also the Telos Launch Group (TLG) that have worked tirelessly without any pay to bring the Telos idea from something on paper to actual reality. I really pray that all of them will be rewarded greatly for all their effort in Jesus name. Amen!

Lets jump right in to the comparisons in terms of technology between Telos and EOS.

1) Rotating Standby Block Producers (BPs) :

In Telos, the top 30 standby BPs are regularly rotated into block production to test readiness. They are paid 50% the BP flat-rate.

Benefit: Improved network resiliency

In EOS, this is not implemented.

2) Removing non-producing BPs:

In Telos, any BP that misses >15% of its assigned blocks in a given schedule is kicked off and replaced with a standby BP.

Benefit: Improved network resiliency.


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