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Analysis of Trybe's Competitive Landscape: Steemit, Medium, and Minds - Profiles, Advantages, and Services

In this article, I wish to detail Trybe’s competitive landscape. There are other major performers in the industry that have similar target markets. Each social network listed has broad similarities and many specific differences. These other performers are Steemit, Medium, and Minds. I will write on their profiles, competitive advantages, and pricing of products and services.

Trybe is a blockchain media system designed to reward people looking to educate or learn in a crowdsourced environment. Information is given exposure and curated by the community to provide a credible channel for gaining insight on a variety of topics. Trybe creates abundant value for each of its usertypes including active and passive earning opportunities. It strives to provide a relevant, safe, ethical, and humane environment with shared value, digital ownership, liberty, and earned reputation.

Trybe will operate on the EOS platform ensuring instantaneous and feeless transactions. It seeks to evolve the ways media is participated in through building a solid community motivated by generous opportunities. The ecosystem will be loaded with prizes for engaging in multiple activities. The site is designed to boost productive social endeavors through fun ways users collaboratively interact. Trybe brings a change to common social media channels by introducing easy access to monetary benefits. It accomplishes this by redirecting revenue towards involvement allowing users to prosper along with the company in a decentralized fashion. Trybe limits abuse through several safeguards protecting against corruption, misinformation, spam, collusion, sybil, whales, and more. This system seeks to feature a richer paradigm for social networking and plans to incorporate with other revolutionary industry technologies arising in the crypto space.

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