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A Review Of Sense.Chat- A Provably Secure Video Messenger & Wallet

The importance of communication cannot be overemphasized in human existence, it has played important roles in the activities of humans most especially commerce. Communication has been found to enhance all forms of business activities because it forms the bedrock of buying and selling.

The discovery of the internet took communication to another level where meaningful information, feelings, opinions facts, and ideas could be transferred from one person to another with just a click of a button.

Today, the world we live in has become a global village, Cisco( a computer networking company) estimates that by 2020, there would be about 50 billion things (people, objects, animals connected to the internet and with each other. source

This postulation is already coming to pass as we already have different messaging apps that connect humans together. Messaging Apps likes of Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype are already in great use on a daily basis with fantastic features allowing users the luxury of video calling, SMS/MMS integration, sending of audio files, videos, and even picture transfers. Indeed one would agree to the convenience of conveying thoughts and messages when using these applications.

Sadly, the use of these apps have some downsides, some messaging apps are being regulated in some geographical locations because of strict policies formulated by the government in that region. We-chat app ( a popular app used in China ) was literally forced down the throats of China citizens because of the ban of Whatsapp and some other similar Apps. There have even been reports of censorship of certain conversations on the We-chat app because of the centralized nature of the app

It is a truism that everybody would love to have a private conversation devoid of third parties, one should be able to send a message without fear of third parties eavesdropping or intercepting such messages. Sadly with the traditional chats, this is far-fetched as the ...

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