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22.10.2018. EOS Update

Hello guys! I’ve been away for 10 days – for good and bad. Good is the opportunity to relax a little, but bad is that everything gets distorted. I love my routines. I gotta do my daily runs/walks, market check ups in the morning, writing a little. Right now I feel out of touch and my mind is clouded. Just going to mention this to remind you all how important structure and routine is – in all aspects of life.

Anyway..so what has happened in the markets and EOS these past ten or so days!? Worth noting is of course the Tether chaos that happened a week ago which made Bitcoin rise suddenly on Bitfinex all the way to $7800 as well as on other exchanges as high as $7200-7300. Some predicted that the price would crash because people were just forced to move into BTC – while others remained more hopeful. What happened was that we struggled to keep momentum, volumes drop mega low and we are right now hovering just above the 21d moving average as well as being in the clear of the long term bearish trendline. HOWEVER, we are not in the clear by much, so I am still holding my breath on this one. The price of EOS is still irrelevant as it just follows BTC at this point.


But what about EOS. What’s been going on? While I was away a lot of stuff happened. Let’s take a brief look at some of them


Dice has been one of the more successful gambling sites on EOS, and last week they started paying out dividends for holding DICE tokens. And both the price of DICE as well as payouts were just insane. Yesterday you could earn around 5EOS in dividends for holding around 250k DICE tokens. Of course, the payout varies but the userbase is growing and the team seems to be very good at adding new features and sharing the profit. 4,500 daily users and 14m EOS in volume – those are crazy numbers. The thing is, gambling is really fun, and people love to gamble and people have always gambled. In human history two things has always remained, prostitution and g...

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