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DogePal Interview: Bringing Dogecoin Payments to the Farmer’s Market and Mom and Pop Businesses (Exclusive)

Dogecoin is known for their strong community presence. But did you know that the community even gets involved with start-ups centered around the cryptocurrency that was developed in homage to the Shiba Inu dog? DogePal, a system to help people pay each other in Doge, has been contributed to by many in the Dogecoin community.

We talk to Tom who started the project. Tom talks about how he initially got involved in Dogecoin, why he started DogePal, and how the community contributed to it. Future plans for DogePal and what we can expect going forward are also discussed.

The interview with Tom went as follows:

Could you introduce yourself and tell us why you started the DogePal company?

Hi, I’m Tom. I first started posting in the Reddit Dogecoin Community around Spring 2014. Since then, I’ve worked with a few community projects:, Dogecoin Socks For The Homeless, and a couple of other things, and now there is this DogePal L.L.C.

I met an old friend who was working on his own project, and I really liked his project. The initial plan for DogePal was to create a login system with decentralized Dogecoin monetization built into the system and deploy this tech into my partner’s website as the working prototype. After deployment, DogePal would then be deployed onto other websites. The big plan was for the login/decentralized monetization system to begin deploying horizontally into websites in different industries, as new services continued to be added to DogePal vertically.

In the meantime, another Dogecoin Community member, u/the_future_now, joined up and created a social media presence for DogePal on Twitter and Discord, and dietzypietzy created a Facebook presence. An artist, u/DimiFW, designed the logo and “Dogecoin is accepted here” sticker, and u/computer__genius worked the backend of the DogePal Reddit community. Other folks joined in and offered their help, providing bug reports and enhancement ideas...

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