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10 Cool Futuristic Projects Combining Blockchain With Other Emerging Technologies

In theory, and in the minds of a lot of moonboys, blockchain technology can be applied to any industry as an infrastructural layer for data management. Whether it’s cheaper, faster, or wise to implement is another topic, but as long as we don’t know where the tech is going, anything remains in the realm of possibilities.

With this in mind, I have researched projects that are combining blockchains with other emerging technologies, especially with Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Virtual Reality. Even though these 10 projects are highly experimental, their ideas are intriguing, to say the least.

And if these projects can accomplish their high-reaching goals, they will be truly disruptive.

You gotta love the emerging tech buzzword salad, because these projects have them all. Here are 10 experimental, yet highly interesting, projects that use blockchain technology to advance another emerging technologies.


The project’s name (IoT-A) already gives away the industry that it’s targeting, and this top 10 project has been making impressive progress towards its goal of becoming the backbone of the Internet of Things.

The IOTA network doesn’t run on a blockchain. Instead, it’s built on a customized version of a Distributed Acyclic Graph (DAG) structure called Tangle. The Tangle is a database structure that unlike a blockchain does not have blocks, a chain, nor miners. Transactions on the IOTA network are feeless but “paid” for by verifying 2 previous transactions, making IOTA theoretically seriously scalable.

IOTA’s promising technology has managed to attract high-quality partnerships and collaborations. Volkswagen and IOTA announced the upcoming release of their first product in 2019, the city of Taipei is looking at implementing IOTA’s tech, the first IOTA-based electric charging station is a fact, and just recently a partnership with Japanese tech giant Fujitsu was announced, in which the MNE i...

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