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Upcoming Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Threatens Hash War

Bitcoin Cash is facing a potential hash war between backers of the ABC and SV implementations, possibly resulting in disruption or even a chain split.

The contention lies between two competing implementations of Bitcoin Cash: Bitcoin ABC, which intends to implement a variety of improvements to the network, and Bitcoin SV, which focuses on a more streamlined approach and a significantly increased block size. SV is mainly backed by nChain and CoinGeek, while ABC counts support from Bitcoin.com, Coinbase, Binance, and variety of others. The community remains split, and according to Coin Dance’s tally of company support, the ABC roadmap appears to be ahead. OpenBazaar lead backend developer Chris Pacia sees the user support clearly on the ABC side, indicating that value will follow the chain with the most users:

Craig and co coined the term "hash war" to frame the debate positively in their favor. In reality there is no hash war. Hash has never and cannot possibly dictate how users value a coin. The war has always been for users. And it's clear Craig is losing that war badly. — Chris Pacia (@ChrisPacia) November 6, 2018

In terms of mining hashpower, however, outcome is less certain, with CoinGeek and SVPool comprising nearly 30% of the last 24 hours’ blocks.

An eerie warning of total destruction

The coming hashpower contest could prove ugly and destructive if parties involved are taken at their word. In a series of tweets, nChain chief scientist Craig Wright issued a strongly-worded threat against the competing ABC client, intimating that he would see to its permanent and total failure:

“A note. Many like to treat me like Casandra. Well, here is your warning to ignore at your peril. We will win this fast, or we will win this slow, but, we will win this. Others would like this to be “nicer”, I would prefer a lesson. I want to have people understand Bitcoin. If it means we spend a year or more slowly bleeding every satos...
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