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Spondoolies New Miner Signals Rising Confidence in Dash Longevity

A couple months ago, Spondoolies released their new SPx36 ASIC miner for Dash’s X11 algorithm, which its sheer power of 540 GH/s at 4400Watts per Miner and cost of $15,500.00 USD signals rising consumer and investor confidence in Dash.

Dash Force News chatted with Dash community member @DarkWater who did some very in-depth analysis of the new miner, its power, and what it means for the Dash network. Overall, the new miner creates a higher probability of Dash exchange price appreciation as miners will want to sell at a higher price to remain profitable and the already seen increase in hashrate creates a more secure network for consumers. @DarkWater conducted the following analysis to illustrate how the power of the SPx36 compares to top miners on other networks and how this translates to profitability based on current exchange prices.

Source: @DarkWater on Dash Talk discord and @StayDashy twitter

Basically what this excel sheet is showing is a rough calculation based upon information that can be obtained publicly. We can observe the total network hash rate, which is the “Net Hash rate” (Dash is roughly 4PH at the moment). Dividing 4000TH by .540TH. If we were to assume every machine on the network was an SPx36, that would be equal to roughly 7400 Units. Take that theoretical total units and multiply that by the watts per miner, that gives us what an estimated level of power consumption would be if the entire network were mined by SPx36s. At 15,500 USD per miner, each unit currently at this time of writing after paying 10 c/kW in hosting costs would generate 18.50 USD per day. That would currently be a 837 Day Return on Investment (We were used to 3-12 months for a long time). If Spondoolies successfully sells enough miners to displace previous generation equipment (7400 to equal current net hashrate), then you will have 114 Million USD competing for 51 Million USD worth of Dash rewards at $153/Dash.

@DarkWater further explained...

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