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Wells fargo offline

For everyone complaining about "how could they not have failover" let me ask you this: Would you take a job with Wells Fargo to fix their infrastructure?And if you did take such a job, how long do you think it would take you to get the budget and approvals from all the auditors necessary to fix everything? How much would they have to pay you to take that job, knowing how frustrating it would be to get anything done? And now you see why banks have such terrible IT. (One of my mentors actually works at BofA, and says he only does it because he gets to work 6 hours a day, gets a VP title and a ton of money, but nothing ever gets done) Nice mentor you got there It would be a shame if something were to... happen to them. Incredible. They had all their mission-critical infrastructure in a single data center. How many billions of dollars do they make per year? And they can't afford even a tiny bit of redundancy?If I were a customer, I'd use this as a sign that this company is not technically competent enough to manage my money. If you're waiting for this to be the straw to move away from Wells Fargo after the last set of scandals, you may have some issues... Yep, the California AG basically said "Wells Fargo is a criminal enterprise masquerading as a corporation" and I'm inclined to believe him. I can't find a quote like this -- is there any chance you have the source? “Wells Fargo customers entrusted their bank with thei...
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