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Yoroi is now Open Source! – EMURGO – Medium

Yoroi is now Open Source!

EMURGO is excited to announce the full open sourcing of Yoroi Light Wallet’s code source on GitHub!

We would love to get some feedback on this and engage in a discussion with the community on how we plan to integrate it into the development process. Three explanatory papers have been written, and are available at the following links: Template for feature proposals, Method for hosting sync meetings, and Method for triaging issues.

Yoroi Light Wallet has been built by EMURGO and is now on a unique, dedicated, open source repository. Prior open sourcing, EMURGO and IOHK worked closely to prepare for the official launch of Yoroi, more specifically on how we would engage with the community, how feature development would be prioritized, and how bug reporting and planning would work.

Given EMURGO and IOHK’s close working relationship, it was natural that Yoroi be built on top of Icarus technology, while major improvements and advancements have been made to the original Icarus code. Yoroi is now distinctively unique from Icarus in the sense that it provides an actual tangible, live, reliable user experience.

The EMURGO team has already updated Yoroi with the latest versions of the Cardano Crypto Library for Rust. They also added new languages like Korean and Chinese, while starting to work on hardware wallet integration for Ledger and Trezor. In the future, we are also planning to implement tokens, staking and multisig. EMURGO is continuously working to improve the security, flexibility and user experience of the Yoroi wallet.

We will publish videos on our official channels to give further explanation on this topic, so stay tuned!

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