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Charles Hoskinson describes the future of Cardano, "100 times more decentralized than Bitcoin" after Shelley

Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Ethereum and current CEO of IOHK, recently appeared as a guest on the Ivan on Tech podcast and revealed the progress of the Cardano blockchain.

Since IOHK released the “Cardano whiteboard and overview with Charles Hoskinson” video in October 2017, the company introduced major improvements to the platform, and Hoskinson was there to give the public more insight into the company’s roadmap.

Hoskinson Provides More Insight Into Cardano’s History and Mission Source: Youtube interview screenshot

Hoskinson spoke about the progress of Cardano and revealed the platform’s roadmap. Hoskinson appeared on the Ivan on Tech YouTube show on Apr. 8 alongside Michael Payton Jones, a compiler engineer, and Manuel Chakravarty, the leader of the Plutus team.

The discussion entailed issues surrounding Cardano and platforms based on functional programming languages in general. While there were dozens of different topics discussed, the interview gained the most traction thanks to Hoskinson’s detailed insight into Cardano and the progress that has been made on the platform.

Many members of the close-knit Cardano community have been waiting for Hoskinson to give an in-depth interview since IOHK, the company tasked with managing and developing Cardano, released the “‘Cardano whiteboard and overview with Charles Hoskinson” video in October 2017.

While the video helped put Cardano on the map, the project had actually been around for quite sometime before the Oct. 26 video. In the interview, Hoskinson explained that Cardano actually started back in 2015 as an aspirational project. After realizing the troubles Ethereum faced, despite the platform being technically more advanced than Bitcoin, Hoskinson set out to gather a team of developers that could solve those problems.

Arguments for Functional Programming

He explained that Ethereum’s Solidity couldn’t be used across different blockchains as it couldn’t offer t...

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