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C-Lightning v0.6.1 has been released!

We're pleased to announce c-lightning 0.6.1, named by co-maintainer ZmnSCPxj.

Highlights for c-lightning users Less stuck payments: Liveness ping test before locking up funds with peers. Better routing: now considers size of channels. Fewer spurious closes: fee estimate improvements, and new feerates command Several annoying bugs fixed. Highlights for the network Gossipd now less spammy with channel_update. option_data_loss_protect to protect peers against being out-of-date. Payment errors now refer to the correct channel. Internal Improvements Simplified client flow; after init message exchange by connectd, each is isolated in its own daemon. JSON parameter handling vastly simplfied. Python testing framework now uses proper fixtures, and split into separate files. Many other cleanups and clarifications. We!

The details can be found in the CHANGELOG:


We're grateful for all the bug reports and suggestions and your patience as we sometimes struggled to address them: please keep them coming!

Since 0.6 we've had 517 commits from 31 different authors, 15 of whom were first-time c-lightning contributors:

Bertrand Marlier Cryptcoin Junkey Fabian Raetz Hiroki Gondo Jonathan Zernik Jordan Baczuk Ronald Mannak Simon Vrouwe Stephanie Stroka gallizoltan lisa neigut lucash-dev mikhaelsantos tock203 wintercooled

Cheers, Rusty, Christian and ZmnSCPxj.

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