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Before #Bitcoin can be resistant to US-government-level attackers, the majority of the Bitcoin economy needs to have their own full node on hardware the NSA can't access through backdoors. (We're probably nowhere near that point yet.)

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Blockchain and Crypto Businesses Protest New Nevada Bill

Representatives within the blockchain and cryptocurrency community recently voiced their concerns about a proposed bill in the Nevada State Senate during a Judiciary Committee last Tuesday, March 12. ...
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How to earn bitcoin by using BTCPay server

Don’t buy bitcoin – earn it. Why? It’s better for your privacy. You’re not sharing data with sketchy custodians nor trusting third-parties with your hard-earned funds. Your money, your rules. By getti...
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Bitcoin is not Money Because it Cannot be issued Says ECB

The European Central Bank (ECB) recently held an #AskECB event on Twitter and invited ECB chief economist Peter Praet to have a direct dialogue with netizens. The question was initiated by the netizen...