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Last Will Platform Allows Your Loved Ones to Inherit Your BCH

Last Will Platform Allows Your Loved Ones to Inherit Your BCH

On April 10, software developer Karol Trzeszczkowski launched a platform called the Last Will, a smart contract program for the inheritance of bitcoin cash (BCH). The Last Will protocol is an Electron Cash plugin that allows users to create and manage BCH endowments.

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Last Will: A Noncustodial and Permissionless Bitcoin Cash Inheritance Solution

BCH supporters have been introduced to a new platform called Last Will, an inheritance contract creation protocol and manager. The platform utilizes checkdatasig covenants thanks to the BCH protocol upgrade that took place last November. On Wednesday, Trzeszczkowski announced the project on the forum r/btc and explained that the protocol allows for noncustodial and permissionless inheritance solutions. Last Will is open source and developers can review the codebase that’s hosted on Github. The contract solution is created using the BCH chain and implements a dead man’s switch with a six-month trigger. If the user doesn’t refresh the Last Will agreement in that timeframe then the BCH becomes available to the inheritor.

“Last Will smart contract uses the first working implementation of looping transactions for refreshing the contract,” Trzeszczkowski’s Last Will specification document reveals.

Licho Last Will uses the Spedn programming language and BCH checkdatasig covenants.

The contract uses Pay to Script Hash (P2SH) and is defined by using a special address that is cryptographically determined by the contract itself. Essentially, once the requirements have been met, the endowment is made available to the inheritor. In order to use the Last Will service, you need to download and verify the software from the release section on Github. After that, open the Electron Cash versi...

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