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Embed 1MB Files on the Bitcoin Cash Chain With the Blockupload Platform - Bitcoin News

Embed 1MB Files on the Bitcoin Cash Chain With the Blockupload Platform

The software developer known as Deswurstes revealed last week a new project he’s been working on that allowed people to upload files up to 1MB in size to the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) testnet. On April 7, Deswurstes launched the first BCH mainnet version of Blockupload, a desktop platform that allows people to embed larger files into the blockchain without the need for the Interplanetary File System (IPFS).

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Blockupload Allows for 1MB Uploads Embedded Into the Bitcoin Cash Chain

The developer known as Deswurstes or Mcccs has announced a new project he’s been working on over the last eight months called Blockupload. The platform uses a BCH Op_Return transaction and P2SH in order to allow individuals to upload files to BCH up to 1MB in size. The upload size is higher than the Bitcoin Files project allows, which is roughly a max of 5kb or less, but when using IPFS Bitcoin Files can upload much larger files. Deswurstes says his project doesn’t need IPFS and the open source repository on Github explains that Blockupload is a “user-friendly tool to upload your files to the BCH chain.”

“Last week I’ve introduced Blockupload so people could upload files to the BCH Testnet chain,” Deswurstes detailed on Sunday. “This week I’ve changed it so that we can show the power of on-chain scaling by making it work on the real Bitcoin Cash.”

In order to give our readers some insight into this new project, tested Blockupload Sunday afternoon. The platform is fairly intuitive and users simply choose a file of up to 1MB in size to upload and Blockupload will tell them how much it costs to embed the file. Users must check the disclosure tab, however, which explains that the uploader understands files should...

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