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Bitcoin Cash Developers Launch Privacy-Preserving Light Client Neutrino

Bitcoin Cash Developers Launch Privacy-Preserving Light Client Neutrino

The developers behind the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) full node Bchd have announced the beta release of the lightweight client Neutrino which is now available for Android phones. The Neutrino protocol is not only exceptionally fast, but the client is considered a privacy-preserving light wallet because it uses a concept called client-side filtering.

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Bchd Light Client Neutrino Launches Beta App for Android Users

On March 16, Chris Pacia and the Bchd full node developers announced the launch of Neutrino. The light client is now available for download in the Google Play store but the wallet is still in beta. BCH fans knew the wallet was coming, because on Feb. 29 Pacia gave his Twitter followers a sneak preview of it in action. The programmer also discussed the initial development prior to the video demo in a blog post on Nov. 19. Neutrino uses the Simplified Payment Verification (SPV) and allows users to store coins in a noncustodial fashion.

“Neutrino is the most technologically advanced cryptocurrency wallet to date,” reads the Neutrino description on the Google Play store. “Whereas all other wallets leak information about your transactions to third parties, Neutrino uses a new technique called client-side filtering to obfuscate your transaction downloads to better preserve your privacy.”

SPV wallets have been around for a long time (BIP0037) and not all of them are the same. Clients like BRD and Electron Cash call specific servers that validate transactions and they also allow users to connect to a custom node. BTC developers Jim Posen and Laolu “Roasbeef” Osuntokun introduced BIPs 157/158 which established the concept of client-side filtering for the Lightning Network.

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