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Binance Guide | How to Register and Trade on

Create an account at

To start go to the official Binance website. Here we want to create an account therefor you need to go to the right top corner and click “Register”. Here you need to fill in the information to create your account. To make an account at Binance you only need a e-mail and password.


Binance register form

If you like this website and you would like to support me you can consider adding my referral ID at the bottom. This means that from the Binance fees a small percentage will go to me. For you there is no difference in costs. My referral code is : 35570784. After filling your e-mail and password click the checkbox and continue to “Register”.

Binance success message

After the register form you need to verify your e-mail. To complete the registration please look for the Binance e-mail in your inbox. If you didn’t received the e-mail then please check in your spam folder.

Binance verification email

If you received the e-mail open it and click the verification link. Now your account is activated. Now you can login and start trading.

Binance login screen

When you login always make sure you are at the official Binance website by checking the URL in your browser. Now you can fill in your e-mail and password, compete the captcha and there we go, you are logged in to your account.

2FA verification on Binance

Binance will ask you to setup the 2FA verification. When trading cryptocurrency security is very important so it is good to have a extra verification process. Normally you can login with only your e-mail and password but with the 2FA verification you also need a third party and that is Google Authenticator.

Google Authenticator is a save way to secure your accounts. When you add Google Authenticator to your account you will need to fill in a code every time you log in into your account. The code you will get from the mobile ap...

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