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Relayer Report #13 — Interview with Augur’s Joey Krug and Governance Experiments

Relayer Report #13 — Interview with Augur’s Joey Krug and Governance Experiments The latest updates from the 0x ecosystem: November 2nd, 2018

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A few members from the 0x team are in Prague — say hello! The rest of us are enjoying the singing from San Francisco. If you’re at DevCon, you may have also seen DDEX’s poster in the Prague airport.

I’m also excited to introduce two new relayers building on top of 0x — Lake Trade and BlockSwap. Lake Trade is a team out of Toronto with no trading fees at the moment, so check them out. They eventually want to tackle roboadvising to become a crypto Wealthfront. Block Swap implements OTC functionality using 0x while also having a feature called Rooms, which lets communities of users transact peer-to-peer over any asset (be it CryptoKitty or niche ERC-20).

The Relayer Augur Needed

Last week I interviewed one of the co-founders of Veil, 0x’s first prediction market relayer, so I thought I’d get into Augur a bit this week, with a quick Q&A with 0x advisor Joey Krug below. I found a great profile about Augur released a few weeks ago, where I learned that the name Augur comes from Roman seers who could predict the future from reading the flight patterns of birds. Sounds like cool knowledge that could be used in some kind of Augur tattoo, which I looked up after I wrote this and actually found an Augur tattoo.

I also reviewed the Augur whitepaper and came across this paragraph: “All Augur assets — including shares in market outcomes, participation tokens, shares in dispute bonds, and even ownership of the markets themselves — are transferable at all times.” Any time I see the words asset and tradeable, I think relayer.

Q&A with Joey Krug of Augur

R: What’s exciting you the most in the Augur ecosystem?

J: The most exciting thing is just seeing people building on top of it to be honest! Seeing markets on celebrities’ success is pretty c...

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