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Development Update #12— October 2018 – 0x Protocol

Development Update #12— October 2018

Hi again from the friendly developers at 0x! We’ve got a lot of updates to share, so let’s get started.

Developer Experience

Tired of typing @0xproject every time you install a 0x library from NPM? Well, we’ve moved all our libraries to the @0x package namespace! Give it a try by installing @0x/order-utils or any of our other libraries.

Speaking of @0x/order-utils, we’ve added support for signing orders using the EIP712 eth_signTypedData RPC call. Metamask has already added support for displaying data to be signed in this human-readable way and we expect other signers to follow suit. Find out more about how to take advantage of this in our forum post.

@0x/order-watcher has been patched with the adoption on EIP234 by both Parity and Geth. If you are running an OrderWatcher, be sure to use Geth > v1.8.13 or Parity > v2.1.0. Infura works too.

0x Instant

We have been working hard on 0x Instant and we can’t wait for everyone to check it out. For an advance preview of 0x Instant’s capabilities and API, check out our public facing specification (some interfaces still subject to change) and sign up for the beta here. If you are interested in adding token buying functionality to your application while bringing your own UX and UI, check out @0x/asset-buyer, the underlying engine that drives 0x Instant.


The current implementation of matchOrders is optimized for arbitrageurs rather than matching relayers. As discussed on the last dev call, we are building a contract that will allow a matcher to take a spread denominated in both the makerAsset and takerAsset (slides from the call). Please reach out if you have any other specific needs you would like to see included in this contract!


Peter wrote a blog post on Blockchain Governance which outlines the first-principals through which we are building out our governance model. Peter and Will also gave a talk at Devcon...

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