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Waves is inspired by NXT with team members previously being involved with NXT. Its name is inspired by the gravitational waves discovery. It is a cryptocurrency platform that had been coded for scratch and allows for asset issuance, decentralized crowdfunding, community management and encrypted mess...

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WAVES -1.31% · blog.wavesplatform.com · 1d

Release of smart assets on testNet

After the successful launch of Smart Accounts, we are now releasing Smart Assets on TestNet. Once these have been audited by the community and we are satisfied they act as intended, we will launch…
WAVES -1.31% · waves.cryptin.eu · 2d

Cryptin Wavesnode: 34 blocks forged! New ATH! :)

Our Waves node forged 34 blocks this week, a new ATH for us! We paid 4.2 Waves and 238MRT to our lessors. Thanks for leasing to Cryptin Waves node! Payment #11  (11-11-2018) Payment spreadsheet
WAVES -1.31% · blog.wavesplatform.com · 4d

Waves Montly: October milestones

It’s been pedal to the metal this month, in one of our busiest periods to date. We hope you appreciate all we’ve achieved — here are some of the highlights! The Waves team has been hard at work this…
WAVES -1.31% · blog.wavesplatform.com · 5d

Why closed blockchain makes total sense after all

The actual reason why permissioned chains make sense is not the ability to put simple data onto them, I don’t really think that you gain any significant advantage doing so. In enterprise environment…
WAVES -1.31% · waves.cryptin.eu · 1w

Payment #10 Cryptin Wavesnode: 20 blocks mined

Our Waves node forged 20 blocks this week. We paid 6.4 Waves and 140 MRT to our lessors. Thanks for leasing to Cryptin Waves node! Payment #10  (04-11-2018) Payment spreadsheet
WAVES -1.31% · philippines.bc.events · 1w

Public vs. Private Blockchain: What Is the Difference?

Blockchain is actively developing, and to keep up to date, companies integrate the technology into their work. However, blockchain has two major types, so it is important to know which one is required...
WAVES -1.31% · blog.wavesplatform.com · 2w

Waves Community Survey Report

A while back we asked our community to fill out a survey. Today, we want to share the results with you. In October we encouraged the Waves community to give us a little more information about…